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Creating a proper diet plan for your health goals is the most essential step. Although, most people when thinking about dieting, do not account for the end of said diet. Many fall victim to dieting for many months and achieving their goals, BUT once the diet is over, they fall back in their old ways.

What is reverse dieting? Reverse dieting is gradually increasing caloric intake after a weight loss diet plan in an effort to boost your metabolism. This boost in metabolism turns calories into energy at a faster pace.

So you may ask me, “ok so do I just diet forever in order to maintain what I worked so hard to achieve?” The answer to that question is NO. This is where reverse dieting comes into play and can be a very effective method to ensure your progress does not go away after many months of hard work. i.e. you do not experience any weight gain.

What is Reverse Dieting? – Reverse Dieting 101

So what is reverse dieting and how can it help you. After dropping weight through your diet plan, you want to ensure that you do not regain that weight after you plan is over. After all, you cannot diet forever. Healthline describes reverse dieting as an eating plan which involves gradually increasing your caloric intake over a period of several weeks or months to boost metabolism and help your body burn more calories throughout the day.

Simply put, it is gradually increasing calories after a weight loss diet plan in an effort to boost your metabolism. If you do not know, metabolism is the process of which your body turns what you eat and drink into energy. As well as converting foods into the building blocks for proteins, lipids, etc. Boosting your metabolism results in the ability to eat more calories without gaining weight.

How Does Reverse Dieting Work? Isn’t Reverse Dieting Only for Bodybuilding?

The idea that this diet plan is only for bodybuilding could not be farther from the truth. Instead, the fact that so many bodybuilders implement this plan into their regime should show you that it has been tested and proven effective. Through this diet plan, you slowly train your metabolism to adapt to more calories again. Controlled increases of your caloric intake is different for everyone, for that reason, please use this calculator to figure out how much you should be eating after dieting for months. With this calculator I recommend doing an 8% increase in daily calories.

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Benefits of Reverse Dieting

1. Minimizes Weight Gain

As mentioned above, this diet technique can reduce weight gain that people often experience after ending their diet plan. The goal of a diet plan is to lose weight, once that is achieved, you do not want to lose all your hard work just to do it all over again. In fact, WebMD writes how “80% of people who successfully lose at least 10% of their body weight will slowly regain it to end up as the same weight or even heavier than they were before they went on a diet.” This is an extremely startling statistic and stresses the importance of educating the public on the after-diet process.

Gradually restoring hormone levels and energy output to pre-diet levels through incremental caloric surplus is key to recovering your metabolic rate. As your metabolic rate recovers, then the chances of excessive weight gain are continually diminished.

2. Bring Calories and Strength Back Up to a Healthy Level

When you are dieting to lose weight, you are purposely eating less calories than what your body was originally used to. Amazing, this is extremely beneficial to your body. Although, everything in moderation. During this period, if you go to the gym, you will notice that your strength greatly diminishes over the course of the diet. Reverse dieting offers a great recovery solution to this common diet downside.

By slowly introducing more calories to your diet after your weight loss plan, you allow your body time to adjust to this shift in diet. Your metabolic rate recovers much more effectively then if you just started eating pre-diet again. RD (reverse dieting) gradually feeds your muscles with more protein from calories allowing your strength to increase.

what is reverse dieting

3. Pulls You Out of Dieting Mindset

There is a reason why many people fail when dieting. It is hard! Your body is used to eating a certain amount of food and now you are constricting it. It takes mental toughness and discipline to stick through a weight loss diet plan until the end. Therefore having a post-diet plan is just as essential. A plan like RD can ease your mind knowing there is a structured plan coming that does not involve restricting calories. Without RD, you can experience quick weight gain which greatly affects your mental health. I’m all about body positivity but losing everything you worked so hard to achieve can be a tough thing to stomach.

Collen Travers, TheHealthy.com, describes how the psychological difficulties of dieting can result in weight gain:

“Trying to maintain a strict diet for too long of a period can result in a surge of cortisol and adrenaline, leading to weight gain on top of several other health issues like brain fog, insomnia, and changes in your thyroid.”

As you read above, not only is RD great for your body, but it is also great for your mind. When your mind is healthy, your body can perform at its optimal levels.

4. Reduced Hunger and Fatigue

Congratulations, you successfully completed your weight loss diet plan with some great results! Now you are likely feeling some fatigue and constant hunger from the arduous process that is dieting. Luckily for you, following a complete reverse dieting guide will reduce this constant hunger and restore energy levels. Hypothetically, if someone went back to their pre-diet eating habits right after their weight loss diet plan then they will most certainly feel extremely lethargic.

With RD, because you are gradually building up your caloric intake, it gives your body time to adjust. This is important for your metabolic rate. The result is less fatigue and less hunger. You have a much lower chance of feeling lethargic, in fact, there is an adverse effect. This also results in fewer cravings, helping your chances of staying on track with a healthy and manageable eating plan. In short, RD can have you feeling more energetic with less cravings.

5. Bypass a Weight Loss Plateau

If you have dieted before then you know there is often a plateau about halfway through the journey. If you have not dieted before, then a plateau is extremely common and hard to get past. Reverse dieting is a great way to get past that stubborn plateau and expedite your weight loss.

As we now know, RD improves your metabolism. The health benefits to a boosted metabolism work hand in hand with weight loss. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to lose weight. This boost in your metabolism that RD offers can be the push you need to get past the plateau. This is an unconventional method because it requires you to follow your weight loss diet plan then go to RD and then back to your weight loss diet plan. Although, plateaus are extremely frustrating and Reverse dieting may be the solution you need to get past them.

Calorie overloading is not good for your body. People often think that they can return to their pre-diet meal plan after they lost all that weight. This is entirely wrong. Your body needs to get used to larger quantities of food, without doing so, you will surely regain the weight you just lost. Try implementing RD into your post-diet plan and let me know how it goes. It worked superbly well and will be posting a few before and after reviews I received from viewers on Pinterest in the near future. As always, thank you for reading and please subscribe if you would like to be notified when a new article is posted.

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weight loss benefits of reverse dieting
Weight loss benefits of reverse dieting

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