5 Ways | How to Make Money in College Without a Job

Lets just state the obvious right off the bat. College is damn expensive, especially in the United States. Just textbooks themselves are enough to make your wallet shrivel into pieces. This is why I am writing this article on how to make money in college without a job.

How to make money in College without a job? The best ways to make money in college without a job are becoming a social media manager, tutoring, flipping furniture, babysitting, and staying out of debt.

I say “without a job” because these 5 ways are not traditional jobs and allow you to build your own schedule instead of having a boss dictate when you work.

In fact, many of these methods can be turned into lucrative skills that you can utilize once you graduate. This is what I did. I learned the in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing which ended up helping me land a job in marketing once I graduated. Best part is that I made money in college with it. Article coming soon on how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

Learning how to make money in college without a job can prove to be a valuable skill that teaches you how to be self-sufficient, not relying on a traditional minimum wage job to pay your expenses.

But How Can a Broke College Student Make Money?!

I am a college student and I need money. This sentence is often said more then “I need Starbucks” from a college student.

Just because you are currently a broke college student does not mean you will always be one during your collegiate career.

Hence the reason for this article, to secure your finances and escape the debt paying rat race that comes with college expenses while unemployed.

How to Make Money in College Without a Job Fast

How to make money in college without a job fast

1. Social Media Manager

I’d say 99% of college students are on some form of social media. Without knowing it, you likely know more about social media and what gets likes/impressions then you realize.

This is apparent with Tik Tok, where “influencers” understand how certain post covers can have a much higher click through rate then others. Use this knowledge you have and market it.

Believe it or not, many companies do not understand how to use social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok to their advantage. You can make money teaching these companies how to use these platforms to bolster their social media presence.

As a social media user, you understand what content is compelling and what isn’t. Because of this knowledge, you can charge companies a fee to help them create content and how to interact with their users.

Furthermore, this will be a great resume builder making you a more attractive candidate once you graduate. You would be surprised how many companies are looking for social media managers.

If you are interested in making your own money on Instagram, check out this article on making money from online with Instagram.

2. Tutor

This college money making method is going to be aimed at students who have completed at least 1 semester of college.

Ideally, when you finish a class, you gain a bevy of knowledge about the subject taught. When you first started the class, you had no idea what was going on. Other students are in that same position as well.

When you finish a class, you can make money tutoring the next wave of students that are going to be or are currently taking the class that you finished. If you are a strong student in a certain subject, then you can tutor students from many classes, even ones that you did not take.

For Juniors and Seniors, this can be especially scalable. Upperclassmen are experts in their majors and have taken most of the courses needed to fulfill major requirements. You can market your tutoring to students who are going through these major courses. One on one tutoring or group tutoring. Both are a great way to earn some extra cash while talking about a subject you are interested in.

Many universities have tutoring centers that you can apply to, otherwise, market yourself. Put up tutoring services flyers outside of classrooms, tell professors in your major to tell students to reach out to you for tutoring if they need further help (professors actually love doing this).

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3. Flip Furniture

Flipping furniture as a means of making money is likely the last thing you want to do. But hear me out because flipping furniture was one of the best ways I made money while in college.

As upperclassmen graduate, they often leave a truckload of furniture behind that they are too lazy to sell on their own. There are two ways you can approach this.

One is asking them if you can sell their furniture for them and give them 50% of the money. You do all the work and they get paid (their mindset). Although, from your perspective, you do not own the furniture and all your doing is listing the furniture on a few websites/pages. This is what I mostly did so I did not have to store any furniture until it sold.

The second method is waiting until they leave and place the furniture on the curb as garbage. Grab the furniture from the curb, post the listing on a few sites, sell and collect. No expenses. Of course you could offer to buy the furniture from them for cheap and sell for a profit. Although, there is so much thrown out furniture that can be sold.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell as well as any Buy/Sell/Trade page in your area.

How to make money in college without a job

4. Babysitting

If you like working with kids, then this is an easy money making opportunity that many forget about once they graduate high school. If you do not like kids, then definitely skip this one.

Babysitters make an average of $16-$20 an hour cash/Venmo. This makes babysitting a much more lucrative job than working minimum wage at a traditional college job.

If you are pursuing a degree in education, then this money making method can teach you valuable skills on how best to manage kids.

If you are looking for clients, see if old professors need help. Many of my friends ended up babysitting their old professors kids as they were all local to the area.

5. Stay Out of Debt

Wait…. I thought this article was about making money, not parental advice. Yes I know, except debt has become so welcomed in American society that I must address it.

Debt is one of the worst financial mistakes you can make. Dramatic I know.

Going into debt as a college student is extremely easy. Books are expensive, “refreshments” are expensive, food is expensive. It is easy to break out the credit card and just charge it. I encourage you to fight this urge.

The average American student debt is $29,900 at a 5.8% interest rate. This is troubling and crippling to the futures of our generation. Although, this type of debt is not always avoidable if you want to go into a profession which requires a bachelors degree.

Because you will likely graduate with student loan debt, make sure your credit card debt is ZERO. Avoid unnecessary spending and use one of the above ways to make money as a college student to pay off everything you buy. Interest on your debt is an animal that runs wild if you do not pay attention to it. It could cost you thousands of dollars in interest that you normally would not have had to pay off.

I hope you learned How to Make Money in College Without a Job. Thank you for reading and please share if you enjoyed.