How to Get Clear Skin Naturally at Home Without Products

If you’re like me, then you have struggled with acne and blemished skin for many years. These blemishes affected more than just my skin. They affected my self confidence and were always a grey cloud of “what needed to be fixed”. This is when I started researching how to get clear skin naturally at home without products. I was fed up with gimmick creams doing nothing for me and wanted a natural way to clear my acne. Well I found it.

Wondering how to get clear skin naturally at home without products? The five tips to get clear skin naturally at home without products are to wash your face twice a day, drink ample water, avoid excess sugar, proper exercise, and stress management.

Acne products are not for everyone. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the “perfect” one. Spoiler alert, I didn’t.

Each one I tried ended up irritating my skin and contributing to the problem. This is when I knew I had to find alternative natural ways. Ways that did not irritate my skin and ended up helping my entire body.

I know the below tips you have probably read on a few sites. And you likely already know how important each one is. But take it from me, I have had constant acne struggles ever since puberty and now I have clear skin because I stopped using products and started living a healthier lifestyle by implementing these tips.

Continue reading as I will dive into each of these tips and how they can each help you get clearer skin naturally.

5 Tips: How to Get Clear Skin Naturally at Home Without Products

How to Get Clear Skin Naturally at Home Without Products

1. Wash Your Face Twice a Day with Water

Wash is a loose term in this tip. By “wash”, I really mean “splash”. But writing splash your face twice a day sounds a little funky.

If you’re reading this article, you have likely had a bad experience with a facial cleanser. Our skin can be extremely sensitive and rubbing irritating product on it can have an adverse affect.

There were often times where a new face wash would make me break out. This does not happen with a water wash.

Diana Charkalis, writer for, talked to Joshua Zeichner, MD, about this very topic. When talking about washing your face with just water, Joshua says “Cleansers can effectively remove dirt and oil from the skin, but the wrong cleanser can disrupt the outer skin layer leading to inflammation. Unless you’ve been sweating heavily, have visible dirt on the skin, or have used heavy cosmetics, in some cases washing just with water is adequate.”

Benefits of Washing Your Face with Only Water

  1. Your skin won’t dry out = less pimples and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  2. Face retains more moisture
  3. Reduced irritation to the skin
  4. No adverse skin reaction
  5. Significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact

2. Drink Water

So we talked about how effective washing your face with water can be, now lets discuss another aspect of water. Lots of water talk I know. I love me some water.

If you’re like me, you are tired of bloggers, Tik Tok influencers, Youtube health nuts and your Aunt Sally telling you “your body is mostly water, you should be drinking 43 gallons of water a day.”

Although this is an extreme example, there are tons and tons of people out there pushing water like they get a commission from it. And I am sorry to say, I am going to be just like them when it comes to your skin… sorry, I want that water commission wherever it may be.

Drinking water is the fountain of youth when it comes to your skin, not to be dramatic.

Water is essential for our bodies to run optimally and for nutrients to reach the skin through proper blood flow.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Your Skin:

  1. Prevents acne! – water helps balance the water and oil content on your face. Leading to less oil build up and less clogged pores.
  2. Prevents premature aging – increased elasticity in the skin.
  3. No more dry and itchy skin
  4. Maintains your pH balance
  5. Contributes to a healthy gut = clearer skin

It can’t hurt to drink a large amount of water a day (no need to go more then 1 gallon a day). There are only benefits to it! Only downside would be having to use the bathroom way more often.

If you are itching to get clear skin naturally at home, I urge you to increase your water intake. I am not an expert but have seen dramatic results from this tip alone.

3. Avoid Excess Sugar

Sugar is the tastiest carbohydrate in existence. The fact that it is not good for you or your skin is a cruel joke.

The benefits to significantly reducing your sugar intake are immense. And I am just talking about the benefits to your skin. Of course, there are tons of other benefits to reducing sugar intake.

Please note that I am not saying to completely take sugar out of your diet. That would be extremely difficult as many food products have sugar in them. Just avoid unnecessary sugar intake.

According to Tyler Szelinski, writer for, sugar effects the skin by “activating hormones in the body that stimulate oil production in the skin. Our skin naturally produces oil called sebum to help keep the skin moisturized. However, if there is an excess amount of oil on the skin, your pores can become clogged and cause acne breakouts.”

As Tyler mentioned, sugar increases oil production which can lead to blocked pores and acne formation. This will expedite if you do not drink enough water, water callback.

How to Get Clear Skin Naturally at Home Without Products

4. Exercise

When learning how to get clear skin naturally at home without products, we cannot exclude exercise.

Exercise was the one tip I was already implementing prior to my natural clear skin journey. Although, I was doing it strictly from a physical and mental health standpoint. It wasn’t until later that I realized/researched the benefits that it had for my skin.

Exercise is a vital action for our bodies to flourish and perform at optimal levels. But how does exercise benefit your skin? Well let me tell you!

Above we mentioned how blood flow is important for your overall skin health. Exercise is another factor contributing to positive blood flow. Exercise increases your blood flow which nourishes skin cells. This keeps them vital which shows on the outside.

Best way to think of this is cleansing your skin from the inside by flushing out cellular debris in your system.

As we will mention below, exercise also reduces stress which is a significant contributor to acne.

5. Stress Management

This tip can often be easier said then done. If someone came up to me and said “be less stressed”, I would get frustrated with how simple they think it can be. They have either never experienced true stress or are trying to sell me something.

That’s why I phrase this tip as “stress management”. Stress is a common part of life, but managing this stress is often overlooked. We do not seek to eliminate stress entirely, as that is extremely unrealistic. We just want to manage it.

The Florida Dermatology Center writes how “when you feel stressed, your sympathetic nervous system releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline into your body. Cortisol causes increased oil production in your skin glands, which can lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts. Chronic stress leads to constant increased levels of these hormones and can have a negative effect on your skin health.”

I do not write this to scare you to become less stressed, I write this to inform. This blew my mind when I found out the actual impact that stress had on my skin.

I suggest watching YouTube videos on how to reduce stress levels in a manageable way. If it is your job that is making you stressed, consider looking for a new one if you have the options. As mentioned above, exercise can help with stress levels as well.

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These tips are not intended to be an overnight, 2 day, even a week miracle. It takes consistency. If followed accordingly, these home remedies will help you achieve a clear spotless face that lasts.

At the end of the day, do what works for you. If you have had great success using products to get clear skin, then keep using them. These natural ways provide an alternative for those who have sensitive skin or simply want to stop spending money on skin care products.

I hope you found this article on how to get clear skin naturally at home without products helpful. Please let me know if any of these tips helped your skin. Of course I still battle the random breakout but they are far less frequent. Thank you for reading and please subscribe if you would like to be notified when a new article is posted.