5 Steps | How to Fill Out a Money Order

How to Fill Out a Money Order ?

The steps to fill out a money order the question that I receive daily, often with a sense of urgency. For that reason, I am here to show you how easy filling out a money order is so you can become a money order pro in no time. Money orders can be purchased at USPS, Western Union, Banks or Credit Unions.

1. Amount

First things first, once you receive the below money order, fill out the amount in which you will be sending. Make sure to double check this field, as it is extremely important for obvious reasons.

money order check
image by USPS, illustrations by Bankrate

2. Payee

The second step is to fill in who you are going to be sending the money to. This is often denoted as “Pay to” or “Pay to the order of”. Make sure you fill this out with a pen in large, legible letters. An important note is to make sure you are filling out the name that is denoted on the payees ID. They will not be allowed to pick it up if the name on the money order is even slightly different than the name on their ID. This is where you will also put the payees address.

3. Memo

This field is to write the purpose for the money order. Whether it be a bill, a gift, etc. this is where you write the reason for the money order as mentioned previously. It can be as simple as “hippo sanctuary donation”.

piggy bank
Photo by Skitterphoto

4. Purchaser

The purchaser field is where you add your information. This will be marked as “From” with an “address” field below it typically.

5. Signature

Finally, sign the front of the money order, leaving the back blank. The back of the money order is blank because this is where the Payee will have to sign in order to deposit it


Make sure to keep and safely store the money order receipt. Thank you for reading and please subscribe if you would like to be notified when new articles are posted. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions as well by hitting the Contact Us button.

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