How Much Can You Make With Uber Eats in a Week

You want to make some extra cash or you are tired of the daily grind of your 9-5. Both of these are great reasons to join Uber Eats. All in all, any reason is a good reason to join. Uber Eats provides freedom to your work schedule, allowing you to create your own schedule. But you already know this and I am blabbering. What you want to know is how much can you make with Uber Eats in a week. This is the exact question I Googled way back in 2019 and I am very fortunate I did.

How much can you make with Uber Eats in a week? You can expect to a make an average of $600 a week before expenses with Uber Eats in a week. This equates to $31,200 a year.

Continue reading to find out if this pay is possible for you!

How Much Can You Make With Uber Eats in a Week

What is Uber Eats and How Does it Work?

Uber Eats is a food delivery platform where customers can order from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered in a timely fashion. Customers mainly use the app version to order and track their food.

From a driver perspective, Uber Eats is a great money making opportunity (no I’m not an Uber sales employee). Uber Eats allows drivers/bikers (potentially you) to go to these restaurants that customers order from, pick up the food, and deliver it to the customer.

Uber Eats Driver Payments are Calculated by 4 Factors:

  1. Pickup: Fixed restaurant pickup fee
  2. Drop Off: Another fixed fee for each location drop off
  3. Distance Traveled: A variable per mile rate based on the distance traveled from pick up to drop off. This per mile rate may vary based on your city/area.
  4. Tips: Be extra friendly to the customers. They just might leave a generous tip.

This is how the base pay is calculated. Uber often throws promotions and surges in the mix for drivers to make extra money. This typically happens during peak hours like lunch and dinner time. I always prioritize those times over the morning rushes.

This algorithm is constantly changing so it will vary month over month but this is the typical structure.

What Kind of Car do You Need?

I have some good news here. You do not need a crazy nice car to deliver for Uber Eats. Regular Uber requires tons of requirements because you are transporting people. But since you are in the car by yourself when delivering food, the requirements are light.

The vehicle requirements are a car that is from 1998 or newer and proper vehicle insurance. You will also need to be 19 years old and have a valid drivers license. As long as you have not had any major violations on your record, then you are good to go.

If you want to deliver on a motorized scooter, then it is similar requirements.

If you do not meet these requirements, then you can consider delivering on a bike. Biking has looser restrictions, but more on this later.

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Average Pay Rate Among Uber Eats Drivers

According to, the average pay rate for Uber Eats drivers is $14.61 an hour. Although this is 9% below US national average, there are plenty of opportunities to earn more an hour by prioritizing price surged times.

In all honesty, this is a relatively low pay rate. It is important to weigh the pros and the cons of this position. A major pro is the ability to not have a boss and determine your own schedule. A negative is the low pay.

If you use this as a sporadic side gig, then this hourly pay rate should not scare you. For example, if you only deliver during price surges and dinner hours then your hourly rate will be much higher.

One driver left this review on Glassdoor about driving for Uber Eats – “I love driving for Uber Eats. It has flexible hours and occasionally great pay incentives. I enjoy being able to work however fits my schedule. It was easy to sign up too!” Who knows if Uber paid them to say that.

How to Make $1000 a Week with Uber Eats

Making $1000 a week with Uber Eats is possible if you treat it like a full-time job. If we use the pay rate of $14.61 an hour, although I believe it is higher, then you would need to work 68 hours a week to make $1000.

68 hours a week is a lot. Please keep in mind that this amount will vary exponentially depending on where you live. It could go up or down.

I live in a city and I make roughly $21 an hour while always working during price incentive times. I do this on a bike. If you have a car then you have the chance of making even more by covering more distance. The caveat to delivering with a car are the increased expenses. I do not deliver 40 hours a week so my average hourly rate has a lower denominator.

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Uber Eats Expenses

The good news is that Uber Eats is free to sign up!

Although they do not compensate drivers for gas and vehicle depreciation unfortunately. Depending on your car this may not be an issue. For example, if your car has great gas mileage, then your expenses will be relatively low. If your car is a gas guzzler, then your profit may take a hit.

Other surprising expenses would be tickets. If you are delivering in a city, then there may be times where you need to park illegally just to pick-up/drop-off the food quickly. Parking ticket attendants can be sneaky and slap a ticket on your windshield faster than you would believe.

Gas and vehicle depreciation should be accounted for when determining your take home profit.

How Much Can You Make With Uber Eats in a Week

Does Location Matter?

Unfortunately yes, yes it does. It does for two reasons actually. One is average driving distance for orders, which can work in your favor or against you. The other is overall population location density.

Downtown areas of cities with a lot of Uber Eats restaurants present the most opportunity to earn money fast. These areas also have higher chances of price surges / boost multiples. There will also be less downtown in between orders because of more delivery requests.

The more busy a location = the more opportunity you have to make money

Other factors like driver availability also come into play. If there are few drivers in a certain location, then Uber Eats cannot fulfill the demand. They then bump up pay via boost multiples and you make more money to deliver to their in need customers.

Biking for Uber Eats

This is what I do!

Prior to joining Uber Eats, I was stuck inside all day working. This lifestyle was awful as I am the outdoorsy type and honesty love biking. I am not a huge fan of driving simply because I am a terrible driver.

I threw on a helmet, pumped up my tires, and got delivering. Biking for Uber Eats is a great way to make money while being outside. This is also a great way to get some exercise in!

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I am not an expert but I do have experience with Uber Eats and can say that this platform has allowed me to achieve my goal of making money living an active lifestyle on my own terms. Although the pay is not great for drivers, the other aspects of the platform are certainly enticing.

I bike for them but have friends that drive with great success. I live in a close knit city so biking is an option for me. That being said, driving can be just as profitable, if not more.

If you work the hours, prioritize lunch and dinner rush, and take advantage of price surges, then you could make a decent amount of money with Uber Eats in a week. Of course, this is all relative. Please let me know your experience with Uber Eats.

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