5 Ways | How to Make Money on YouTube for Beginners

A question I am often asked is how do I make money on YouTube as a beginner? Or how many views on YouTube to make money? These questions are the essence of this article. YouTube monetization is an essential step to reach your financial goals, if you wish do so through YouTube. Find out how below

1. YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partners Program is a great way to make money on YouTube. Before we talk about the perks of this, lets talk about the requirements needed to get into the program. The requirements are at least 1,000 subscribers, more than 4,000 hours watched in the past 12 months on your videos and you need to follow all of the monetization policies. If you are just starting out, these requirements can seem extremely daunting. Although, getting subscribers takes time but it can happen if you put in the work and focus on the quality of your content.

The YouTube Partner Program allows you to monetize your channel. Use this calculator to figure out how much you can make given a set of views and engagements. (linked)

Make money on youtube

2. Creative Common

Creative Commons License allows YouTubers to legally use other peoples videos for their own content. YouTubers grant someone else permission to use their content when they designate their videos as Creative Commons License. How do you make money with this ? These videos can beef up your content by using quality content that’s free to use. Quality content = more views = more subscribers = more money. Before using Creative Common content make sure the license agreement allows you to use it commercially.

3. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is an efficient way to make money on YouTube. This method is when an advertiser and/or company pays you to post a video highlighting their product or service. Many “influencers” do this as you have probably seen flooding your Instagram and YouTube feed. Although, they do it for a reason. Creating sponsored content is a great way to earn A LOT of money on YouTube. This method can earn you much more money then viewer generated ad revenue although it does require a significant following for companies to invest their money in your channel.

4. Merchandise Sales

Merchandise sales is a great way to make money on YouTube. Similar to the method above, this also requires a bit of a following. But not always, if you sell mind blowing merchandise that somebody wants then they will buy it. It entirely depends on the merch you are selling. If it is a sweatshirt with your channel name on it, then you are going to need a following. For example, Logan Paul said that his clothing line, Maverick, made 30-40 million dollars its first year. This isn’t money that goes straight into his pocket as this is just top line revenue but is still substantial and he receives a large amount of it. That example is the Michael Jordan of examples making it an anomaly but goes to show much money can be made from merchandise alone.

5. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a different but effective way to make money on YouTube. In order to do this, having a loyal following is highly encouraged. People won’t give money to a creator they have never heard of. Having a deep catalog of content helps the viewer see who you are and if they want to support you. Crowdfunding can help drive profits or be used to finance your next video project.

make money on youtube
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I hope by the end of this you learned how to make money on YouTube. Check out this article if you would like to learn how to make money on Instagram WITHOUT FOLLOWERS. Thank you for reading, please subscribe if you enjoyed this article and would like to be notified when future ones are posted.

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