5 Ways | How to Get Rid of Pimples on Forehead Fast

Get rid of pimples on your forehead fast! That is the main goal of many who have to deal with acne. Pimples on your forehead are often related to subclinical acne. Subclinical acne are pimples that form below the skin. Because of this, they do not always go away on their own fast. Although, if you utilize these methods then you will get rid of acne at its source and prevent forehead pimples from coming back.

1. Don’t Touch Your Face, Do Not Touch Your Pimples !

Touching your face does no good when trying to get rid of acne on your forehead. This is number one for a reason. In fact, it does more harm then good. The pimple will take longer to heal if you keep picking away at it. Furthermore, this can lead to scarring which nobody wants. If scarring occurs, it is much more difficult to get rid of or hide. Another note on touching your face, your hands have oils and are not often the most sanitary. Touching your face puts these oils and dirt in direct contact with your skin. This leads to pores clogging up and causing more pimples on your forehead.

how to get rid of pimples on forehead

2. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide is a great way to help get rid of pimples on your forehead. Some people say “stay away from spot treatment” but I have only had success with it. The main ingredient dermatologists recommend to fight acne is Benzoyl Peroxide. This ingredient works by fighting and killing acne causing bacteria that lies underneath the skin. This step is crucial to preventing the growth of the pimple while diminishing it as well.

This treatment option is often advertised to get rid of pimples overnight. Although this may be the case in some situations, do not get discouraged if this does not happen to you right away. Especially with subclinical acne, it takes time to kill the bacteria under your skin.

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3. Salicylic Acid

My personal favorite, Salicylic Acid. This ingredient works great at unclogging pores, a crucial step to preventing further breakouts and bumps. But we are not currently talking about future breakouts, we are talking about the pimple you have right now. In terms of your skin care plan of action to kill this pimple, follow these steps.

  1. Wash face with warm water and fragrant free soap by rubbing the bar in hands until enough watery soap is formed. The soap I use is Dial Gold.
  2. Dry face with clean paper towel
  3. Apply Salicylic Acid topical treatment to the wretched pimple
  4. Let it sit for 30-45 minutes and then wash off. This unclogs your pores allowing the next step to work even better
  5. Now apply the Benzoyl Peroxide to kill the acne causing bacteria. Leave on for one hour
  6. Do this once in the morning and once at night and then you are golden. Perform this daily if the pimple persists (it shouldn’t)

This process has helped me get rid of cysts extremely quickly

4. Differin Gel

This treatment uses the ingredient Adapalene. This product works by clearing breakouts deep in the pores where they start. What makes this product so special is the fact that it works by normalizing skin cell turnover. This allows it to target the two main causes of acne which are inflammation and clogged pores. This treatment along with the two above are essential if your goal is to get rid of pimples in one day. Please keep in mind that one day is not always guaranteed. It completely depends on the health of your skin and the type of pimple / acne it is.

5. Drink Water to Improve Skin Health = Prevent Forehead Pimples

This step is more tied to prevention. Water can be extremely important in preventing further breakouts. Drinking ample water promotes proper skin hydration. The opposite, dry skin, can lead to excess oil production, which can contribute to acne. According to Healthline, drinking more water helps your immune system function. This in turn helps your body protect against strains of bacteria that contribute to acne. I recommend drinking half a gallon of water per day.

If you would like to learn about more benefits of drinking water, check out this article.

drink water to get rid of pimples on forehead overnight
Photo by Daria Shevtsova


Do not practice the art pimple popping !

These methods are not guaranteed to remove pimples from head overnight. Although, if practiced regularly, they can surely help to clear your skin and get rid of those pesky bumps and pimples in a short amount of time. Thank you for reading, please like and subscribe if you would like to be notified when new articles are posted. THANK YOU!

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  1. You are doing amazing work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts ❤️. Just want to add my 2 cents. After having used some anti-aging creams for years I decided to move on and I got Tretinoin Cream 0.025%. Just for anti-aging. I have dry, sensitive Rosacean skin and I can’t tolerate many actives so I knew there was a possibility my skin would not like Retin-A. However, knowing it’s the best anti-aging treatment out there, I just wanted to try and see. So happy 😊 I Googled ‘Ret247get’ and got it. I really love my Tretinoin Cream. It works and it’s cheap. I’d say don’t waste $$ on overhyped and ineffective “anti-aging” creams. Try Tretinoin but be very careful. Vitamin A acid is very powerful and you really have to build up very slowly. Be patient. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Tretinoin doesn’t work overnight and it isn’t a miracle worker. It takes at least 1-2 months to notice real benefits. Last but not least: it’s not for everyone. Some people just cannot tolerate it so they would have to use other anti-aging treatments/actives like vitamin C. And/or another form of Vitamin A like Retinol or Retinaldehyde. Maybe less potent, but still effective.

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