5 Reasons | Is Titan Fitness Gym Equipment Legit?

Titan Fitness is a company that provides state of the art fitness equipment at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Titan Fitness or Rogue is often the question asked when prospective customers are determining their next fitness equipment purchase. Below are reasons as to why Titan Fitness is better then Rogue for a budget conscious customer. Although, Titan fitness gym equipment is not always for everyone.

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1. Titan Fitness Gym Equipment

Titan Fitness equipment is quality equipment. Simple as that. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from bar bells, squat racks, lat pull down machine, and dumbbells. Their equipment is of great quality especially for beginners to intermediate lifters looking to build their home gym. Home gyms are trending lately, especially during the time this article is being written which is during a massive pandemic. Gyms are opening and closing, causing people to look for alternative methods to get their workouts in. One of those methods is building their own gym. If this is you, I urge you to check out Titan Fitness Equipment. For example, a T-2 Series power rack costs just $349. A similar model would cost much more if it was Rogue, although it is of better quality. Titan Fitness power racks are also great because the majority of them do not need to be bolted to the floor. For people looking to build a home gym, this is crucial to not mess up your garage or basement floors.

Some of my favorite products:

Titan fitness gym equipment
Photo by Leon Ardho

2. Titan Workouts

A great thing about Titan Fitness is that they publish articles highlighting key workouts for you to try. They offer advice, support, technique, as well as many other things in their articles. This helps the customer feel like they are apart of a community. Articles like this one help their customers and anyone interested with a workout plan, even giving the benefits to this particular workout for the reader to determine if this plan is the right fit.

3. Promotion and Sales

Titan Fitness consistently has a variety of products that go on sale. On their website, there is a clearance section where customers can buy equipment for 2/3 the original price. In terms of promotions, since publishing this article, they have been offering free shipping with no minimums. This perk is unheard of considering how expensive it can be to ship fitness equipment. Titan Fitness also has a section where customers can buy products that have an external blemish. This meaning products with some scratches or dents in them, these beauty marks do not impact the performance of the product.

Titan Fitness Squat Rack

4. Titan Fitness Customer Service

Titan fitness customer service has received many praises. One customer wrote how “I made an online return request and received two emails back within a day.: first response was “of course you can return, here is the process” and the second had the return shipping label. I would definitely buy from this company again with the comfort of knowing they want me to be happy with the item. FEDEX picked up at my door.” Reviews like this are common, harping on the quality of customer service you can expect from Titan Fitness.

5. Titan Fitness Blog

Similar to reason #2, Titan Fitness has a blog where readers and prospective customers can learn about fitness plans, fitness advice, as well as much more. This allows customers to become part of a community that is aimed at helping each other reach their fitness goals. In relation to the pandemic currently, Titan has a free post aimed at helping people stay fit during quarantine. This article gives a month workout plan for readers to try.

Titan fitness gym equipment
Why anyone would workout in jeans is beyond me


Rogue does have higher quality products, but for a budget conscious consumer just trying to get their workouts done, Titan Fitness is the way to go. Thank you for reading and please subscribe if you would like to be notified when a new article is posted.

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