5 Easiest Sports to Go Pro In

Whether you are looking to go pro in one of the below sports or are just curious about what sports are the easiest to go pro in, discover below which sports you would have the best chances of going pro in.

What is the easiest sport to go pro in? The easiest sport to go pro in is Soccer. There are 21 professional soccer leagues in the world with each league consisting of 16-24 teams.

1. Soccer

Soccer is a very difficult sport to play, although there are numerous professional leagues all over the world with many subdivisions to each. If you play for any of these subdivisions then you are technically a professional player as long as you are being paid. The road to a team like Barcelona or Liverpool is much different then the road to a lower subdivision team. With that being said, the term professional means that players are getting paid to play. 95% of professional soccer players do not get paid very well. Players are able to get picked up by teams at a wide variety of levels thus making them professional even if they are not the best. Additionally, there aren’t many major physical constraints to the sports. Example, Messi is 5 foot 7 inches and is regarded as one of the best players in the world.

2. Fishing

Although not the sexiest sport, it is indeed a sport. Fishing is the 2nd easiest sport to make it professionally. There is a very simple path to become a pro fisherman. The process starts by fishing L-H Marine Bass fishing League tournaments. These tournaments are extremely easy to enter as well as inexpensive. Not to mention it is not hard to compete once in them. A big plus to these tournaments is that there aren’t many major restrictions on the equipment you need allowing for a low start up cost. When you win one of these tournaments you proceed to the FLW Triple A division. This division is the gateway to the top level. This process can take anywhere from 4-10 years in order to reach the top. According to ESPN, fishing is ranked as the 60th most difficult sport to perform. Billiards is 59th…..

3. Billiards

Third on the list of easiest sports to make it professionally is billiards / Pool. This is by no means a lucrative sport choice if you desire to make a lot of money. The saying for professional billiards is that the best way to become a millionaire playing pool is to start as a billionaire. What makes this sport easy is the fact that there are almost 0 physical constraints to the sport. You can be as small or tall as you want and as heavy or skinny as needed. What is needed is eye-hand coordination and tons of time to practice and learn strategy. The way to become pro is playing in many local tournaments, working your way up to larger ones. Simple as that.

pool players
^ Professional players after a long game

4. Golf

The fourth easiest sport to become professional in is Golf (this will spark debate). A difficult sport to master, but there are many “openings” to reach the professional status. Just like any sport, it takes years and years of practice to be even close to the pro-level (bottom of the barrel pro level). According to experts, amateur golfers should shoot below par in 50% of their tournaments because professional tournaments have cuts from two over par to five under par. Once that is achieved, then you have a higher chance of registering for professional tournaments, thus classifying you as a professional (as long as some money is being made i.e. sponsors, tournament winnings, etc). ESPN ranks golf as the 51st hardest sport to play.

5. Bowling

The fifth easiest sport to become professional in is Bowling. Just like the sports above, easy is a relative term. It still takes years of practice and dedication to reach the pro status. Although, bowling has less obstacles then a sport like Basketball or Football. Much like the sports above, there are very few physical constraints to the game. You do not need to be able to bench press 300 pounds or run a sub 5 minute mile. There are a few qualifications needed to make the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association). One is to average 200 or better for 36 games. Another is to average 190 or better for 36 games in an USBC certified sports league. Third is to win tournaments. These are the bare minimum requirements. This just means that you can become pro with these numbers, not necessarily the top player. ESPN ranks Bowling as the 57th hardest skilled sport.


This article is not about the actual degree of difficulty for these sports. Instead it is about how easy it is to become a professional player in these sports relative to other sports. Thank you for reading and please subscribe if you would like to be notified about new articles.


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