5 Best Chest Workouts for Strength

Chest workouts are important to achieve your fitness goals. Below are 5 of the best chest workouts to use in your exercise routine at the gym or at home.

1. Bench Press

Bench press is the ultimate best chest workout. The bench press is also considered a compound exercise which is an exercise that hits more then just the intended muscle group. This aspect makes it a crucial movement to add to your workouts. The bench press, performed on a flat bench, hits mainly the lower-mid chest. Specifically the pec major, which is what gives pecs their larger and stronger appearance. It is crucial that this exercise is performed with proper form especially when you start pressing higher weight.

best chest workouts for strength
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2. Chest Fly

Chest fly is another highly effective chest workout. This exercise primarily works the chest (obviously) and the shoulders. What makes this exercise excellent and unique is how it opens the chest and enables scapular retraction. In terms of relation to other exercises, the chest fly with dumbbells enables more muscle activity then push ups. Chest fly’s / dumbbell fly’s also help to tone your arms.

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3. Push Ups

Push ups are also one of the best chest workouts. Likely the one we all hated back in middle school gym class but little did we know that our gym teacher just wanted us to become beefed up. One thing that makes the push up great is that it can be done anywhere, so there is no excuse. There are a variety of variations you can do to target different areas of your chest. Diamond push ups target your inner chest and incline push ups target your upper chest. Push ups are also known to prevent your shoulders from injury. They do this by strengthening your stabilizer muscles which encompass your rotator cuff.

4. Chest Dips

Chest Dips are a great chest workout to grow size in your pecs. Dips are one of the most effective workouts at targeting your chest. Because your legs are not touching the ground, it requires your stabilization muscles to put in more work. This work results in muscle being teared (in a good way) which later grows into more muscle. More specifically, dips are excellent at targeting the outer chest depending on your hand placement. Targeting the outer chest results in a wider looking chest, making your entire chest look bigger. With chest dips, it is important to follow proper form that mainly targets the chest. It is easy to become lazy with this exercise and only hit the triceps. This, like most exercises, will become easier the more you do it.

5. Incline Dumbbell Press

The incline dumbbell press should be an essential exercise to your workout. This exercise is great at targeting the upper chest and stabilization muscles. Not to mention it also hits the front of the shoulders. This exercise combined with the flat bench press will give your chest a more well-balanced look and keep your shoulder joints strong.

best chest workouts
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These are the 5 best chest workouts that you can do to maximize your size and strength potential. Be sure to follow a proper and trusted workout routine whether you are performing these exercises in the gym or at home

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